Are TummyToys Better than Traditional Belly Button Rings

When I was searching for a stylish belly button ring for my navel piercing I found that most girls recommend tummy toys for navel piercing and describe that they are much more comfortable and safe than traditional navel rings. And I've decided to compare standard belly ring and a tummy toy and find out what the last exactly is.

Tummytoys body jewelry was established in 2004. Melissa Tyler, a gemologist who studied in the US and the UK designed and patented these innovative navel rings. TummyToys belly rings are really beautiful and easy to use. Slipping through the piercing and snapping shut, they eliminate the hassle of traditional belly button rings. And you can easily pop TummyToys off with just flick of the finger.
TummyToy navel jewelry has no separate parts and is the most secure on the market. All-in-one hinged snap closure helps to avoid the loss of navel jewelry, hard and sometimes painful changing of belly barbells. Tummytoys are kept in place and even strenuous activity or fast moving is not the problem.

The design of TummyToys jewelry is different from that of the most popular belly dangles and curved barbells. TummyToys look fabulous and stylish. They remind small and classy rings or small yet wide enough hoop earrings. The feel of wearing TummyToy ring in the belly differs as well. I can say that I'm feeling more confident and elegant with a TummyToy in my navel though I enjoy wearing sexy dangle belly rings and funny belly barbells. I can say that I have the feeling that TummyToys are better for special occasions and family holidays. I would feel great at the most exclusive and prestigious restaurant if I know that there is a magnificent TummyToy belly ring under my evening dress. It's difficult to describe but this type of belly jewelry really makes me and other women feel the other way.

I've found a trusted source of eye-catching TummyToys and high quality and beautiful belly button rings of all imaginable types and there are lots of other online belly jewelry stores where you can find a wide choice of navel jewelry. Surgical stainless steel TummyToys are the most affordable though silver and gold TummyToys look much more attractive and are not much more expensive. Diamond TummyToys belly ring is one of the most beautiful belly accessories I've ever seen.

The only "bad" thing I learnt about TummyToys is that they are heavy enough for fresh piercings and it's better to avoid wearing TummyToys navel rings just after the piercing procedure and wait for several months or more.
Tastes differ and some prefer chandelier belly rings or acrylic banana barbells while others choose practical and lovely Tummytoys rings for their bellies. I prefer to have different belly button rings in different designs, materials and styles I can afford. And you'll definitely find at least one TummyToys ring in my collection.