piercing process

Body Piercing Advantages and Disadvantages

There are various ways to attract attention nowadays and to look new and different. Stylish clothes, accessories and jewelry are available in all imaginable designs, colors, sizes and materials. But there is one more way to show off and feel great experienced something definitely new and unique- this is piercing of the body. Body piercing has become a popular trend among the teens and adults. It's true that body piercing is the most fashionable and stylish type of body modification and there is probably no single part of the human's body that can't be pierced.

Body Piercing Myths

It's trendy to wear body piercing jewelry nowadays. And body piercing as well as any popular thing in this world is surrounded with multiple myths. Some of them are partially true and some are created with parents who don't want their child to pierce. Here you'll find some common and probably the most widespread misconceptions about body piercing.
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