What is Spiral Piercing

There are various types of body piercing and here you'll find information about one of the most unusual and good-looking piercings. This is spiral piercing. Spiral piercing involves more than one hole and a spiral barbell. Usually this type of piercing is done on the ears or lips. There are two or three holes in spiral piercing typically and it's important for the piercer make the holes so that they will line up perfectly with each other. Otherwise the spiral jewelry piece won't fit and look good. After the piercing is done, retainers and regular studs are worn in the holes instead of spiral jewelry. And only when the piercing has completely healed, one can wear a spiral barbell.
Doing spiral piercing you take the same risk as doing any other lip or ear piercing. There are more holes which you should take care of with spiral piercing and you should take a proper care of all of them until they completely heal. Use antibacterial soap on the areas every day to ward off infection. Don't take out the jewelry from the piercing holes until they heal and avoid pulling or tugging on jewelry too much. If you follow all recommendation of your piercer or your physician, your spiral ear piercing will completely heal in three months while your spiral lip piercing needs only about one month to heal.