Nipple Piercing Jewelry

Body piercing is an ancient type of body modification but lately people have invented many new types of body piercing. Almost each part of human's body can be pierced and there have been at least several persons who have experienced it. Among all body piercing types intimate piercings have always caused more interest and even if we haven't tried it we want to understand how a person feels when the intimate parts of the body are pierced.

Nipple piercing is one of the most standard types of intimate piercing done by males as well as by females. Piercing of nipples is very sensual form of body piercing as nipples are extremely sensual and even a light touch rises storm of emotions and feelings. So, what can we tell about piercing? Of course, it is deeply intimate because only close people see us naked (if not to take into consideration people of definite occupations- models, strip dancers, performers, for example). And it's up to us to decide who should know that we have nipple piercing and who shouldn't. And such kind of mystery makes piercing of nipples even more desirable and attractive.

Nipple piercing jewelry is available in all imaginable shapes, designs, materials, styles and sizes. Rings are the most common form of nipple jewelry. Nipple rings enhance sensitivity of nipples and being erogenous zone pierced nipples really improve sexual life and open new world of feelings to the person. Internally threaded barbells are highly recommended for nipple piercing (as well for any other piercing type) because of their safety, comfort and quality that are really necessary in the case of nipple piercing. Internally threaded nipple rings have proved to be worth their money (and their price is higher than that of externally threaded rings).

Nipple shields are also popular choices for their unique designs. They can be almost of all shapes and sizes. Sexy and attractive nipple shields are available in elegant and striking extreme designs, they can be accented with precious gems or just with sparkling crystals or just be plain though eye-catching. Nipple shields and rings with chains are one of the most sexy and breath-taking type of nipple jewelry. Chains dangling from the jewelry in the nipple reminds ancient Egyptian times and the times of slaves.

Nipple piercing jewelry gives you an opportunity to surprise your partner when you want and make him and you experience new feelings and emotions each time. Women with pierced nipples say that this piercing gives them a completely new sense of their beauty and the beauty of their breasts. Nipple piercing boosts the confidence of a woman (men as well) and can make a person more playful and aggressive in bed.

Many men and women say that wearing nipple jewelry under the shirts and business suits in he office they feel how desirable they are and that something pleasant is waiting for them after working day. It makes everything shine with bright colours of life.

You'll definitely find the jewelry matching your nipples and your lifestyle. Titanium, stainless steel, 14k solid gold and bioplast nipple jewelry is to your disposal in trusted online piercing jewelry store.