Monroe Piercing

monroe steel stud Among facial piercings, there is one special and elegant yet playful and unusual piercing. It is Monroe piercing located in the soft flesh above the upper lip like Marilyn Monroe's beauty mark. Monroe piercing is also called Madonna or Crawford piercing because these two celebrities also have distinctive beauty marks above the lips.
The aftercare instructions include steps to maintain oral health because Monroe piercing is technically oral piercing. If well cared-for, Monroe piercing will heal within six weeks. And after healing period the labret can be replaced with a shorter stud that makes the piercing look more natural. During the healing period and later the site o piercing should be cleaned with special mouthwash and periodically soaking with sea salt to reduce the risk of swelling and infection.
Depending in personal anatomy and taste, Monroe piercing can be placed on either side of the face. Nowadays Monroe piercing has become socially acceptable thanks to widespread adoption by celebrities. You can see Monroe piercing on many rock-stars as well as models and other celebs everywhere. There is a wide choice of jewelry for Monroe piercing so you can easily find the piece perfectly matching your lifestyle and outlook.