Lip piercing, Labret and Lowbret Piercings

There are multiple types of piercing nowadays you can do in local piercing shop or tattoo and piercing salon by professional piercer for reasonable amount of money. It's important to decide what kind of piercing you want and what for. I mean, it's significant to choose between piercings that are always in the sight and that can be hidden and be only for you and your partner. Maybe you have your favorite part of the body (everybody does) and you want to draw the attention to it. Or maybe you have a scar and want to hide it with a beautiful piercing to completely change the situation.

If your need your face to draw the eyes, you may choose among nose, eyebrow and oral piercings. The last is considered the most erotic and sexy.
Lip piercing is the most widespread type of piercings of lower part of the face. It's the most attractive and touching. Beautiful pierced lips look really tragic in some way that brings up lots of emotions. Lip rings are available in variety of designs, styles, materials and sizes.
Labret piercing is a wide choice nowadays because it looks attractive and elegant though a bit aggressive and unusual. It's done directly under the center of the lower lip. Labret piercing is both oral and facial piercing, that means it requires special care for it two different ways. Labret studs with plain titanium ball or gold spike are the most popular choices.
There are variations of piercing of the chin above the tissue that attaches the bottom of the gum line to the lower lip. There can be single lowbret piercing as well as two or three piercings along the lower gum line. Vertically and horizontally pierced lowbrets look really amazing. Lowbret piercing jewelry is versatile depending on its type.
Labret piercing and lowbret piercing are considered rather risky for teeth and gums. Especially if can't resist playing with foreign objects in your mouth. But if you will try not to touch it unless cleaning, you may enjoy healthy and beautiful piercings. 14ga or 16ga labret stud is recommended as starter jewelry and than you can go for larger or smaller jewelry.
There is a choice for you among classical stainless steel and titanium studs and rings and more vivid designs in gold and acrylic. Diamond labret studs are for those who enjoy magnificent sparkle of gems and like to wear expensive jewelry.
Piercing of lips and surrounding area has always attracted people but not everyone is ready for such piercing type. And though it looks really stylish and eye-catching, you should decide whether you really want it and are ready for all aftercare procedures. And the practice has proved that it's worth it!