Frenulum Piercing

People have always been searching for the ways of decoration not only of their homes but their bodies as well. Designing clothes, wearing bracelets and doing sports are the most common ways to become more attractive and self-confident. There is one more way invented by humanity in ancient times that is the hit again- body piercing. Body piercing is unique way to reach multiple goals from self-expression to drawing attention to the definite parts of the body and to one's personality. And we all know that all people have favorite part or parts of one's body and have desire to make people notice and appreciate it. Among variety of piercing types and body piercing jewelry there some which are rarely met and cause interest. Frenulum piercing is of that kind. This type of piercing refers to three possible oral piercings- the smiley, the frowny and the tongue frenulum. The last is more common though many people haven't heard about it.

A thin strip of connective tissue that attaches the floor of the mouth and the tongue is called frenulum. And it can be pierced! If you have enough tissue available you have an opportunity to enjoy this type of piercing. Frenulum piercing (known as frenum as well) brings no risk to the gums or teeth (for example, lip piercing does), though the irritation may be caused as the frenulum piercing jewelry rubs against the floor of the mouth and the bottom of the tongue. We all know that it's really difficult to resist playing with any foreign object in the mouth. And tugging on and pulling the piercing with the tongue would make it sore. If you are going to do frenulum piercing, you should be prepared to resist playing with it, especially during first healing weeks.

Curved barbells and captive bead rings are good choice for starter jewelry and 16ga is the successful choice of the size for rings while barbells should be longer to accommodate swelling during the first healing weeks. Wearing the jewelry of correct size is essential for healthy and successful piercing. So, you'd better to discuss it in details with your piercer beforehand. You may change the jewelry in about 4 weeks if you fallow all aftercare recommendations and have good oral hygiene. If you smoke, you shouldn't during the healing time. Using special aftercare mouthwashes you'll make the healing process run faster and feel better.

Frenulum piercing is for people who like unusual piercings and want to surprise people. Are you ready to be patient and avoid unnecessary movement of the tongue and playing with the jewelry? Then you may try frenulum piercing and experience new indescribable emotions and feelings.