Female Genital Piercings

There are multiple types of body piercing nowadays and most people considered the most popular those they often see. But we shouldn't forget that there are also piercings hidden from our eyes and it doesn't mean they don't exist or are unpopular. Female genital piercings are those of the kind. And as well as most piercing types female intimate piercing has different forms.

Clitoris piercing is good for women with rather large clit to support the clitoris jewelry. And, unfortunately, most women aren't suitable for this piercing thought those who are can enjoy indescribable pleasures. 14ga-16ga jewelry is used for clitoral piercing. The common healing time is about 6 weeks.

Christina piercing requires specific anatomy. The piercing is done through the V-shaped junction at the top of the outer labia which comes out slightly above in the pubic area. The rejection rate is high and healing time is rather long (12-16 weeks and longer) and these facts make Christina piercing not so popular. 10ga to 12ga curved barbells are recommended jewelry.

Fourchette piercing also requires the right anatomy because most women have no extra flap of skin tissue over the perineum from the bottom of vaginal opening where the jewelry should be placed. But those who have can enjoy 12 or 10ga curved barbells or captive bead rings there. And feel really great, especially after 8-12 weeks of healing period.

Horizontal clitoral hood piercing has immensely attractive and heals during 6-8 weeks. For better clitoral stimulation you'd better choose the exact placement of piercing with your piercer beforehand because some women are best suited for other type of clitoral hood piercing. 14ga or 112 ga circular barbells and captive bead rings are recommended and large gauge jewelry will provide more stimulation to the clitoris.

Vertical hood piercing is least painful, the easiest and most stimulating female genital piercing if you have the right anatomy for it. The hood tissue just above the clitoris is pierced and 10 to 14ga captive bead rings or curved barbells can be inserted. Changing the jewelry and increasing the gauge size may help you to regain new and pleasant feelings. Vertical hood piercing heals really fast- 4-6 weeks is the healing time. This type of piercing is so popular that you may even enjoy wearing vertical hood diamond clit rings.

Inner labia piercing is great both from the side of physical stimulation and the aesthetic value. It is quick-healing (4-6 weeks) and simple. The chances of migration and rejection of jewelry are small because the skin tissue of the inner labia can be easily stretched. 10ga to 14ga captive bead rings are recommended for this type of piercing.

Outer labia piercing suits almost all women as well and can be done as multiple or a single piercing on one or both sides. The healing period is about 8-12 weeks and 10 to 12ga captive bead rings are worn.

Triangle piercing is probably the most intriguing and unique of all and only few women have the right anatomy for it. The jewelry is inserted below the clit hood behind the clit itself. And it helps the back of clitoris to be stimulated when the front is. Women who have enough skin to pull the clit and surrounding area to have enough space for the jewelry are really lucky. 10ga or 12ga captive bead rings or circular barbells are recommended jewelry. And the estimated healing time is 8-12 weeks.

Choose best quality piercing jewelry for your genital piercing to feel safe, comfortable and attractive.