Eyebrow Piercing

Body piercing jewelry is great way of decoration and self-expression. People all over the world of various ages, social group and occupations go for piercing of the body for various reasons the main of which is making oneself more attractive and stylish. There are numerous piercing types nowadays. Some are widespread, some rarely met. Some piercings are more and some less painful. The healing time also depends on the piercing type as well as the choice of jewelry and its gauge size.

If you want to have piercing that will draw attention to your face and especially the eyes, eyebrow piercing is probably what you need. Eyebrow piercing comes in two variations- horizontal and vertical piercing of the eyebrow. And the puncture can be done anywhere along the brow. It doesn't matter which eyebrow you pierce-it's your personal choice. But the placement of the piercing influence the way your eyes and your face look. Eyebrow piercing jewelry can make your eyes look bigger or smaller and the expression of your face can become more serious or more playful.

Eyebrow piercings may migrate if the jewelry is too heavy or too thin or the piercing is done not deeply enough. Eyebrow hairs may irritate it and it's better to pluck the hairs closets to the hole.

Starter eyebrow piercing jewelry includes 16 gauge, 14 gauge, 12 gauge captive bead rings or mini curved barbells. The first is better as it will help to accommodate the swelling of soft tissue of the eyebrow. In about 6 weeks after piercing you may change the jewelry and wear the designs and shapes you like and that fit eyebrow piercing. But it's recommended to wait until the piercing is completely healed and it usually takes about 3 months. We mean inside and outside healing. Using special piercing healing and cleaning solutions available at piercings-body.com, you help the piercing to heal faster.

Aftercare recommendations are usually received from the piercer and you can easily find them online. Careful and regular cleaning of the piercing and the jewelry, sea salt soaks and avoiding unnecessary contacts of the piercing with any objects and materials are necessary parts of healing process. Of course, you and no one else should touch the piercing, especially with dirty hands. And even when you touch it while cleaning, make sure your hands are clean and sterile. During healing your piercing you should avoid using hair removers of any type and be careful with make-up. And it's better to cover your eyebrow piercing with a bandage to protect it at the hairdressers.

The choice of eyebrow piercing barbells and captive bead rings is really huge and you may enjoy titanium, stainless steel and gold barbells with ball, spiked and other ends as well as many other beautiful and unusual pieces of piercing jewelry.