Body Piercing for Teens

Body piercing is common almost everywhere nowadays. It's even more popular than ever during last decade and it's common to meet a teen with a ring in the eyebrow or with a nose stud wherever you go. Body piercing comes in variety of types and not all of them are seen to everyone. There are such types of body piercing that are places in such parts of the body you may never think of. But facial piercings, ear piercing and belly button piercing are still the most popular among teens as well as adults of both sexes.

Most teens make decision to pierce after they see attractive and stylish piercing on their idols or close friends which style they appreciate and what to look like them. And only few know the reason of piercing tradition that started long time ago. Piercing is said to appear 5000 years ago. There were signs of piercing in the ears found on a frozen mummified body in Australian Glacier. Piercing in those times was mainly inspired by religion as almost everything in ancient history. Nowadays piercing is more for attraction and enhancing sexual experience. Therefore most teens and adults go for nipple piercing, genital and tongue piercings though almost any part of body can be pierced nowadays.
If your 14-years old daughter or sister want to pierce the tongue it doesn't mean she does it for the sake of sexual oral pleasure for her partner- she just probably wants to look cool and experience something new. But for many teens piercing is both the way to become more attractive and stylish and to experiment with sexual pleasures.
The question of sexual education is always open to adults and it's important to understand your child before you say yes or no to her/his desire to pierce. But if you still have fears about it, offer your child to try first any type of facial piercing. Eyebrow piercing looks really cool, it heals faster of all other piercings and there is a wide choice of stylish eyebrow piercing jewelry nowadays to meet all the needs. Nostril piercing with a small stud or pin looks even elegant and is perfect for girls while boys may choose nostril ring or septum piercing. Lip piercing jewelry will attract attention to the most sensual part of the face and with the right elegant jewelry it will look really nice. Belly button piercing can be easily hidden but will make any girl and woman shine and show off at the beach.
The choice is almost endless and the most important thing about body piercing is aftercare and sterilization during the procedure. Don't be afraid to try it and to let your child try with proper limitations, of course.