Body Piercing Advantages and Disadvantages

There are various ways to attract attention nowadays and to look new and different. Stylish clothes, accessories and jewelry are available in all imaginable designs, colors, sizes and materials. But there is one more way to show off and feel great experienced something definitely new and unique- this is piercing of the body.

Body piercing has become a popular trend among the teens and adults. It's true that body piercing is the most fashionable and stylish type of body modification and there is probably no single part of the human's body that can't be pierced. This art from has been practiced by humans for centuries and over the last few decades the main purpose of piercing has dramatically changed. In ancient and medieval times piercing symbolized spirituality, eroticism, conformism and it was done for sub-cultural identification and religion. Nowadays piercing is mainly the way to become cooler and follow the fashion though some sub-cultures find other purposes of body piercing. As everything in this world piercing has its advantages and disadvantages. Let's check them out.

Body piercing advantages include self-expression. With the help of numerous pieces of body piercing jewelry people have the possibility to enhance own personality and look different from others. Gorgeous and trendy piercing jewelry makes any person with piercing special and every individual feels unique and can show her/his own style and understanding of fashion. Body piercing done by professional piercer, who is experienced, uses all requires equipment and sterile piercing needles is safe. Piercing is not as painful as people usually expect. There are some types of body piercing that enhance sexual experience as well as aesthetic. Body piercing can hide the drawbacks of any appearance and highlight the best features. You can even visually change the outlook of the face and other body parts with definite piercing and jewelry. Piercing makes the person more self-confident and allows wider choice of jewelry.

Body piercing has its disadvantages. Body piercing can be infected and cause scarring. Of course, it happens only if done in not sterile surrounding and with not sterile tools and equipment or if the piercing is left uncared. Piercing can cause allergic reactions if the person is sensitive to the metal of the starter jewelry. But practice proved that surgical stainless steel jewelry is the best choice as starter jewelry. Any piercing requires special care and it takes time. But what doesn't in our world? It's not so difficult to waste several minutes twice a day for cleaning of your piercing.

We see that disadvantages of body piercing can be easily avoided if properly plan the piercing procedure, do it in trusted piercing establishment by professional piercer and follow all aftercare recommendations.