Why to choose 7-piece belly button piercing starter kit?

It doesn't matter whether you are a newcomer in piercing or a professional piercer, it's always convenient and cost-efficient to have a starter kit. And I want to talk about belly button piercing starter kits because belly piercing is one of the most popular types of body piercing nowadays. Let's see what we can find in 7-piece belly button piercing starter kit.
First of all, this is a 14ga sterile needle made from surgical stainless steel. Piercing needles are available in various sizes. 14ga is the standard needle size for navel piercing and 316L SSS is highly recommended material to avoid allergic reactions and other troubles. Kit's needle is pre-sterilized by special sterilization procedures and is packed in a separate sterile pouch.
Needle holder, navel forceps and needle receiving cork from the kit are necessary for comfortable work. You'll use navel forceps to clamp the belly button and it's important to latch them in position so it has not painful though tight grip on the belly. Needle holder is required to avoid touching sterile needle so that the risk of infection is minimal. Receiving tubes to keep the site open to insert the jewelry are necessary.
There is a high quality captive bead ring in the kit. Captive bead rings are considered the perfect choice for initial piercing. 14k CBR is 316L surgical stainless steel. It is highly polished and the bacteria growth is eliminated. Sterile and comfortably fitting new piercing steel captive bead ring from the 7-piece belly piercing starter kit is durable and looks great.
You'll also find sterile alcohol swab in the kit. Piercing is the procedure that requires constant thinking about the hygiene. Alcohol swab is used to clean the incision area before the piercing. Any professional piercer should have alcohol pads to sanitize the piercing supplies before and after the use.
H2Ocean is trusted piercing cleaning and healing sea salt solution. After the piercing is performed it's necessary to tend the area gently with the solution and H2Ocean products are used during the healing period. The starter kit contains 1.5 oz solution.
belly button piercing kit is fully packed with all necessary piercing tools, products and jewelry for quality performance. All tools are made from high quality 316L surgical stainless steel and have proved to be safe and durable.
Piercing is more than just a type of body modification and self-decoration. It's an art and favorite job for most piercers. And it's great to have an opportunity to easily find everything you need for piercing procedure online and enjoy low prices.