Types of Belly Button Piercing

Piercing has become widespread and so real these days, so that almost all people have at least one pierced part of the body. There are many various reasons for people to pierce but the main nowadays is to give a new outlook to one's personality and attract attention to some parts of the body. Body piercing was prevalent in Egyptian, Roman and Indian cultures. It was associated with primitive rituals by some people and therefore was a taboo in many western cultures. But being favored underground element of style in last decades, piercing is so common nowadays that you meet at least several persons with it on the street, at work and wherever you are going.
Body piercing is the hottest trend in modern fashion and belly button piercing is one of the most popular types of body modification among girls and women. It looks really sexy and attractive and at the same time it can be easily hidden when necessary. You can show your beautiful belly and lovely belly button ring on the beach and cover it at work.
Belly button piercing comes in several types and you can choose the one perfectly suitable your body type and your style.
Horizontal belly button piercing goes along the ridge of the navel and through it. It's surface type of piercing. It is done on the flat navel's portion and it is recommended to use flexible barbell to make this type of navel piercing heal faster.
Vertical belly button piercing is done on the inner part or on the inside of the navel with ring or barbell mostly. Done through the interior of the navel, vertical navel piercing slightly differs from the inverse belly button piercing.

Multiple belly button piercing
Multiple belly button piercing has the name speaking for itself. Several piercings are done around and in the navel and on the navel's rim. Navel industrial piercing is the two piercings (one at the top and one at the bottom) connected with a solid barbell and it's probably the most popular type of multiple navel piercing.
True navel piercing is perfect for people with outie navel. It is done on the umbilical scar tissue (a small nub bulging out from the navel) with a ring or a barbell. This type of navel piercing is considered risky and prone to irritation.
There is a wide choice of belly button jewelry nowadays and as summer is coming it's time to find new styles and add sparkling and elegant pieces of navel jewelry to your collection. Belly button piercing is statistically proved to be loved by men and enjoyed by women. Do you have your pretty belly pierced? If you haven't yet, just do it!