Getting belly pierced

If you are going to pierce your belly or your younger sister or daughter is, you'll find here some info about belly button piercing and the reasons say YES to this type of piercing.

YES 1: First of all, belly piercing is the most popular and lovely type of body piercing. The statistics says that 95% of belly button piercing procedure done in professional salon is successful and heals very quickly without any rejection and other problems.

YES 2: The other important reason why belly piercing can be done is that the actual navel isn't pierced- the piercing is through the upper rim of the navel. And that means that such common form of navel piercing is really safe and almost painless.

Before you say NO to belly piercing, think over all new possibilities you get with your pierced belly!

YES 3: Let's take the most common situation on the beach or at the disco when it's accepted and popular to wear tops and bikinis. Your belly looks great and the sparkling elegant dangling belly ring makes it breath-taking and amazing.

YES 4: What about creative use of navel piercing for the sake of beauty and art? Let's take belly dancing as an example. Belly dancing is magnificent art and if you are in it or just thinking about it you should also think about getting your belly pierced. The dance itself and the majority of belly movements will get completely better and greater outlook with stunning belly jewelry in it.

YES 5: During pregnancy you can enjoy your pretty pierced belly wearing the jewelry up to 6th month and even later using special rings for pregnant bellies which are available in various designs and at really low prices.

You should try belly button piercing if you want! Just do it!