Body Piercing Myths

It's trendy to wear body piercing jewelry nowadays. And body piercing as well as any popular thing in this world is surrounded with multiple myths. Some of them are partially true and some are created with parents who don't want their child to pierce. Here you'll find some common and probably the most widespread misconceptions about body piercing.

  1. It is safe to pierce with a piercing-gun. It's not true! Getting pierced with a piercing gun is unhealthy because it causes trauma force to the body and it increases the chance of infections and the healing process runs much longer and more unpleasant. Piercing with a gun brings the risk of contracting disease. Having plastic parts piercing guns can't be sterilized properly and bacterial infection is possible. The composition and shape of jewelry together with the force that is applied to the pierced body part are important things and the gun inflicts trauma to the tissue because they have clasps trapping bacteria and compressing the tissue. Piercing should be done with sterile piercing needle of proper gauge size. It alleviates the "blowout" problem and the chances for infection are decreased.
  2. It's not safe and sterile practice to pierce the body. It may be true only in the case when piercing is done somewhere with no required equipment and sterilization and such practices are already in the past. Nowadays there are plenty safe and sterile professional piercing salons and piercers who do their work seriously. Of course, there are always people who don't take the job seriously and to avoid such meeting you may visit the piercing establishment beforehand and make sure the piercer is a real professional and everything matches up.
  3. It is extremely painful to pierce the body. Getting pierced isn't as painful as somebody may say and as you may think. Of course, pain is relative concept and depends on individual characteristics. Degrees of pain differ depending on what part of body is pierced but people usually expect much more pain than they feel as result. The piercer will tell you what to expect and when to pinch the arm.
  4. Piercing is "trend" or "fad". Why? Piercing has been practiced in most cultures for thousand of years and the world has known various types of body piercing in all its parts in different times and epochs.
  5. The uterus, stomach and some veins may be damaged if I pierce my navel. It's impossible because your abdominal muscles protect the uterus and stomach very well. And your veins can't be damaged as navel is not a vascular area.
  6. Piercing is demonic and evil. Piercing is an old ritual performed by humans and in some cultures it was a part of rituals held in the honor of God. Piercing symbolized different things in different times and cultures including bravery, royalty, spirituality and wealth.
  7. If I have oral piercing, I can't drink beer to avoid yeast infection. Yeast infection can be caused if you use Peroxyl or Glyoxide and alcohol can only irritate your fresh piercing a bit.
  8. If eyebrow is pierced incorrectly, half of the face will go numb. It's a real myth. Eyebrow piercing isn't so deep to reach the nerves that are protected under the muscles near the bone.
  9. I may bleed too much (and even to death) if the vein in the tongue will be punctured. Bleeding is possible because there are some major vessels in the tongue but bleeding to the death is a stretch.