Healthy navel piercing- preparation and aftercare

Body piercing is an ancient type of body modification and nowadays it is very popular to decorate one's body with stylish pieces of jewelry. And belly button piercing is still one of the most widespread and accepted in society types of body piercing. If you have decided to pierce your navel you should need to look at numerous things before you do it. Take all of possible health risks into consideration and avoid them by visiting the trusted piercing studio beforehand and consulting your doctor on the possible allergies to piercing materials. After you pierce the navel- there are also many other important things you should know. And with proper after-care you'll look great and will show off you pierced belly rather soon.

316L Stainless Steel Dragonfly Navel Ring with Swarovski crystals

Dragonfly is not only a curious creature of nature but also a meaningful symbol. It is believed to denote power and poise as well as the depth of character. Its ability to fly above the water symbolizes the will to omit the superficial and shallow matters and look deeper into things.
Wearing a piece of jewelry with a dragonfly will make you look beautiful and original. More than that, it will show a piece of your inner world.

14k Gold Dragonfly Navel Ring

Dragonfly, a symbol of intrigue, has always been a subject of various myths. It is believed to keep the connection between real world and supernatural reality. When you wear a dragonfly as a piece of jewelry it shows that your individuality is intelligent and worldly-wise. Dragonfly belly buttons give a great chance to show it and draw attention to your waistline.

Monroe Piercing

Among facial piercings, there is one special and elegant yet playful and unusual piercing. It is Monroe piercing located in the soft flesh above the upper lip like Marilyn Monroe's beauty mark. Monroe piercing is also called Madonna or Crawford piercing because these two celebrities also have distinctive beauty marks above the lips.
monroe steel stud

What is Spiral Piercing

There are various types of body piercing and here you'll find information about one of the most unusual and good-looking piercings. This is spiral piercing. Spiral piercing involves more than one hole and a spiral barbell.

Male Genital Piercings

There are different types of body piercing and every person can choose something from multiple ear piercings, facial piercings, genital piercings and whatever. Male intimate piercing first became popular long time ago in the Rome among gladiators and warriors and later in the court when Prince Albert started the fashion on genital piercing. Nowadays many men go for genital piercing and you may even have no idea that your co-worker or neighbour has it.

Oral Piercings Aftercare Recommendations

There are multiple body piercing types nowadays and you may choose the one you really want to have or the most popular and matching your lifestyle. There are piercing types that can even change the way you look. Let's take, for example, eyebrow piercing. The placement of the eyebrow jewelry influences the outlook of the eyes and the expression of your face. It may look more aggressive and serious or funnier and vivid and the eyes can be made visually smaller or bigger.

Female Genital Piercings

There are multiple types of body piercing nowadays and most people considered the most popular those they often see. But we shouldn't forget that there are also piercings hidden from our eyes and it doesn't mean they don't exist or are unpopular. Female genital piercings are those of the kind. And as well as most piercing types female intimate piercing has different forms. Clitoris piercing is good for women with rather large clit to support the clitoris

Eyebrow Piercing

Body piercing jewelry is great way of decoration and self-expression. People all over the world of various ages, social group and occupations go for piercing of the body for various reasons the main of which is making oneself more attractive and stylish. There are numerous piercing types nowadays. Some are widespread, some rarely met. Some piercings are more and some less painful. The healing time also depends on the piercing type as well as the choice of jewelry and its gauge size.

Frenulum Piercing

People have always been searching for the ways of decoration not only of their homes but their bodies as well. Designing clothes, wearing bracelets and doing sports are the most common ways to become more attractive and self-confident. There is one more way invented by humanity in ancient times that is the hit again- body piercing. Body piercing is unique way to reach multiple goals from self-expression to drawing attention to the definite parts of the body and to one's personality.

Lip piercing, Labret and Lowbret Piercings

There are multiple types of piercing nowadays you can do in local piercing shop or tattoo and piercing salon by professional piercer for reasonable amount of money. It's important to decide what kind of piercing you want and what for. I mean, it's significant to choose between piercings that are always in the sight and that can be hidden and be only for you and your partner. Maybe you have your favorite part of the body (everybody does) and you want to draw the attention to it.

Nipple Piercing Jewelry

Body piercing is an ancient type of body modification but lately people have invented many new types of body piercing. Almost each part of human's body can be pierced and there have been at least several persons who have experienced it. Among all body piercing types intimate piercings have always caused more interest and even if we haven't tried it we want to understand how a person feels when the intimate parts of the body are pierced.

Body Piercing Advantages and Disadvantages

There are various ways to attract attention nowadays and to look new and different. Stylish clothes, accessories and jewelry are available in all imaginable designs, colors, sizes and materials. But there is one more way to show off and feel great experienced something definitely new and unique- this is piercing of the body. Body piercing has become a popular trend among the teens and adults. It's true that body piercing is the most fashionable and stylish type of body modification and there is probably no single part of the human's body that can't be pierced.

Belly Button Piercing and Aftercare

Art is loose concept and every person has the right to see it as he wants. For somebody art should bring only pleasant feelings of beauty and spirit of the innocent world. For others art is everything that a human being creates with his imagination and gifts. Body piercing is also an art. Done properly it decorated the body and its rich history speaks for itself. Many civilizations and tribes have been experiencing body piercing for various reasons.

Body Piercing for Teens

Body piercing is common almost everywhere nowadays. It's even more popular than ever during last decade and it's common to meet a teen with a ring in the eyebrow or with a nose stud wherever you go. Body piercing comes in variety of types and not all of them are seen to everyone. There are such types of body piercing that are places in such parts of the body you may never think of. But facial piercings, ear piercing and belly button piercing are still the most popular among teens as well as adults of both ganders.

Body Piercing Myths

It's trendy to wear body piercing jewelry nowadays. And body piercing as well as any popular thing in this world is surrounded with multiple myths. Some of them are partially true and some are created with parents who don't want their child to pierce. Here you'll find some common and probably the most widespread misconceptions about body piercing.

Types of Belly Button Piercing

Piercing has become widespread and so real these days, so that almost all people have at least one pierced part of the body. There are many various reasons for people to pierce but the main nowadays is to give a new outlook to one's personality and attract attention to some parts of the body. Body piercing was prevalent in Egyptian, Roman and Indian cultures. It was associated with primitive rituals by some people and therefore was a taboo in many western cultures.
Multiple belly button piercing

Body Piercing Procedure for Newcomers

Body piercing is personal experience and unique way of self-expression. Most people with piercing say that this pain is even pleasant in some way you piercing is indescribable procedure and the experience vary depending on the mood, the state of mind, the body part, the piercer and other factors.

Double Belly Piercing

Woman's belly is one of the most attractive and touching places on the body and piercing is one of the best ways to catch the eye on its beauty and make it look even prettier. Belly button piercing has always been fashionable and double belly piercing is the most exotic, attractive and the sexiest of all types of navel body piercing. Double navel piercing involves both top and bottom belly piercings. Inverse piercing is paired with standard upper piercing.

Why to choose 7-piece belly button piercing starter kit?

It doesn't matter whether you are a newcomer in piercing or a professional piercer, it's always convenient and cost-efficient to have a starter kit. And I want to talk about belly button piercing starter kits because belly piercing is one of the most popular types of body piercing nowadays. Let's see what we can find in 7-piece belly button piercing starter kit.

Getting belly pierced

If you are going to pierce your belly or your younger sister or daughter is, you'll find here some info about belly button piercing and the reasons say YES to this type of piercing.

YES 1: First of all, belly piercing is the most popular and lovely type of body piercing. The statistics says that 95% of belly button piercing procedure done in professional salon is successful and heals very quickly without any rejection and other problems.

Bottom belly piercing

  1. What is bottom navel piercing?
  2. How long will my bottom belly piercing heal and what about its aftercare?
  3. What are the risks of bottom belly piercing?
  4. Which jewelry can I wear in my navel bottom piercing?

If you are searching for the answers on the mentioned above questions, keep on reading.

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