Pregnancy and Belly Button Piercing

Women who wear belly button rings get used to it very soon and the idea that there is no lovely ring in the belly may bring much discomfort and stress. In principle, there are no reasons for it if piercing is well-healed and woman feels comfortable wearing belly button jewelry. But there is such a period in the life of almost ay woman when she needs to think more about her health and the health of her child than about her appearance. Many women ask: What should I do with my belly ring during pregnancy? And most of them don't really want to take it out. And there are lots of reasons for it. First of all, it isn't such an easy thing to get used to the new physical and mental state and navel piercings remind women her non-pregnant appearance and bring them much comfort. Especially, if it's the first pregnancy and the pregnant woman has her belly pierced for couple of years, she would probably refuse taking the belly ring out. So, here are some tips to manage belly button jewelry during the pregnancy.

First of all, if you don't want to take your belly ring out, you should replace it with maternity belly button ring. There are special pregnancy belly rings made of non-metal materials. They are flexible and have special length to accommodate the growing belly. Wearing pregnant belly button rings you feel no discomfort and enjoy the beauty of your pregnant belly even more. But of course there are always exceptions from the rule and you should watch for discomfort or tearing. If you feel uncomfortable, it the skin around the navel ring turns red and starts to smell, you'd better take the ring out and consult your doctor. You may also always talk to the professional piercer. Piercing artist with practice is sure to have some advice for you and it may influence your decision. As a rule, nobody will persuade you from wearing belly button jewelry during pregnancy, especially during first months. But the piercer may suggest you better belly rings for pregnant belly. You should also talk to your doctor, especially if you need a cesarean birth. It's better to ask the care provider about her/his rules beforehand and feel confident and comfortable.
If you just want to try wearing belly jewelry for some time and then decide whether you want to wear it during the whole pregnancy or not, you may buy cheap pregnancy belly rings that are also safe and good but you won't waste your money if you decide to take it out.
Multiple piercing jewelry stores offer a wide choice of high quality and stylish belly button jewelry for pregnant women in variety of designs and colors. So, you are sure to find something matching your lifestyle and your belly.