Double Belly Piercing

Woman's belly is one of the most attractive and touching places on the body and piercing is one of the best ways to catch the eye on its beauty and make it look even prettier. Belly button piercing has always been fashionable and double belly piercing is the most exotic, attractive and the sexiest of all types of navel body piercing.

Double navel piercing involves both top and bottom belly piercings. Inverse piercing is paired with standard upper piercing. Done through the rim of the navel, double belly button piercing has two punctures- at the top ridge and at the bottom ridge of the navel.

Double piercing is recommended for women who have enough skin available in the area. If the navel is really small and there is little skin available, double piercing can be a problem. But still it's relative and depends on individual features and physiological characteristics of the body.

The choice of jewelry for double navel piercing is almost unlimited though two plain belly barbells are the most popular choice. So, you can wear two separate barbells both in top and bottom belly piercings. The combination of curved upper barbell and dangling belly ring for the bottom navel piercing looks fabulous. There is such a huge selection of belly button rings for all types of navel piercing that you may choose whatever you want and create your own unusual jewelry combinations. Bright and colorful belly barbells or elegant jeweled barbells or whatever- it's up to you to decide. You can also wear one lone barbell joining two navel piercings together. This so called industrial belly piercing is an interesting alternative.

Take proper care of your double navel piercing and choose the jewelry materials according to your wishes and body's reaction on definite metals. Beautiful and eye-catching double belly piercing is definitely a great choice! Look great with sexy belly piercing jewelry and enjoy your unique style and the beauty of your body and especially your belly!