Bottom belly piercing

  1. What is bottom navel piercing?
  2. How long will my bottom belly piercing heal and what about its aftercare?
  3. What are the risks of bottom belly piercing?
  4. Which jewelry can I wear in my navel bottom piercing?

If you are searching for the answers on the mentioned above questions, keep on reading.

  1. Bottom belly piercing is exclusive type of piercing for person with "outie" navel. It is rather rare and it's some kind of luck to have such navel. The main difference of bottom belly piercing from common piercing is that it goes through the lower rim of the navel itself instead of the skin above the navel. It means that bottom belly piercing can be called real and true navel piercing.
  2. As a rule, bottom navel piercing takes 6 months to heal but of course it depends on the personal characteristics and the way you take care of your new piercing. You should follow all aftercare instructions letter for letter. You should keep the piercing area, your hands and clothes clean using special healing and cleaning solutions; keep your jewelry from snagging on your clothes wearing low skirts and jeans and tops.
  3. First of all bottom belly piercing requires real professionalism from the piercer because the risk of infections is higher than with common piercing of the skin above the navel (it doesn't mean that any infection or whatever will take place). Improper placement can lead to scarring or to the incorrect hanging of the jewelry. There can be more blood during the procedure because of the tissue filled with blood vessels.
  4. Curved barbells and captive bead rings are commonly used for bottom belly piercing as well as dangling belly button rings which are available in all imaginable designs and materials nowadays.