Belly Button Piercing- Celebrities and Your Choice

All women want to be attractive and feel sexy. We wear stylish clothes showing our best parts of the body and hiding the parts we consider imperfect, we add accessories and nice shoes, we do tattoos and go for sports and we pierce our body or just thinking about it. Body piercing was widespread in ancient world and nowadays it is here again to make our life brighter and the choice of the ways of decorations wider.

There are so many piercing types nowadays that sometimes it's not so easy to choose what part of the body you want to pierce and what piercing exactly it should be. But there are piercings that have proved to be the hit and attract most men, make women feel great and belly button piercing is of that kind. Piercing of navel has become popular about more than 20 years ago and nowadays it's still popular. The choice of most girls to pierce the navel depends partially on the influence of mass media- multiple magazines with photos of celebrities with sexy pierced navels, TV where almost every dancer has her belly pierced and online web-sites about unique navel piercing jewelry. And the choice of jewelry also depends on the fashion dictated by models and celebrities. And most of them choose diamond belly rings that really look fantastic!

The main burst of belly button jewelry popularity was probably at the time when Britney Spears showed new and new rings in her pretty belly. She was one of the celebrities who has made navel piercing look feminine and sexy. People began to look at navel rings in a completely different way. Kelly Clarkson, Beyonce, Jessica Alba and Paris Hilton have all made the belly rings sexy. And they show the example how to wear elegant and attractive and choose matching belly rings. Of course, the rings celebrities wear are pretty expensive and look amazingly great but it doesn't mean you will look worth with less expensive yet beautiful belly button ring. It may be gold belly button ring, diamond or blue topaz belly button ring, dangling sterling silver belly ring- the main thing is the way you feel and the way you show it off. CZ belly button rings, for example, look quite the same as diamond rings but their price is really lower and you cam definitely afford buying it. But if you have an opportunity to buy real diamond belly button ring, it would be great!

If you are just thinking to pierce your belly or not to pierce, look at multiple examples of successful and attractive pierced navels and the choice of jewelry you can wear. It's up for you to decide, but I see no reasons to say NO to amazing and sexy body decoration.