Belly Jewelry

316L Stainless Steel Dragonfly Navel Ring with Swarovski crystals

Dragonfly is not only a curious creature of nature but also a meaningful symbol. It is believed to denote power and poise as well as the depth of character. Its ability to fly above the water symbolizes the will to omit the superficial and shallow matters and look deeper into things.
Wearing a piece of jewelry with a dragonfly will make you look beautiful and original. More than that, it will show a piece of your inner world.

14k Gold Dragonfly Navel Ring

Dragonfly, a symbol of intrigue, has always been a subject of various myths. It is believed to keep the connection between real world and supernatural reality. When you wear a dragonfly as a piece of jewelry it shows that your individuality is intelligent and worldly-wise. Dragonfly belly buttons give a great chance to show it and draw attention to your waistline.

Belly Button Piercing- Celebrities and Your Choice

There are so many piercing types nowadays that sometimes it's not so easy to choose what part of the body you want to pierce and what piercing exactly it should be. But there are piercings that have proved to be the hit and attract most men, make women feel great and belly button piercing is of that kind. Piercing of navel has become popular about more than 20 years ago and nowadays it's still popular. The choice of most girls to pierce the navel depends partially on the influence of mass media- multiple magazines with photos of celebrities with sexy pierced navels, TV where almost every dancer has her belly pierced and online web-sites about unique navel piercing jewelry. And the choice of jewelry also depends on the fashion dictated by models and celebrities.

Double Belly Piercing

Woman's belly is one of the most attractive and touching places on the body and piercing is one of the best ways to catch the eye on its beauty and make it look even prettier. Belly button piercing has always been fashionable and double belly piercing is the most exotic, attractive and the sexiest of all types of navel body piercing. Double navel piercing involves both top and bottom belly piercings. Inverse piercing is paired with standard upper piercing.

Are TummyToys Better than Traditional Belly Button Rings

When I was searching for a stylish belly button ring for my navel piercing I found that most girls recommend tummy toys for navel piercing and describe that they are much more comfortable and safe than traditional navel rings. And I've decided to compare standard belly ring and a tummy toy and find out what the last exactly is. Tummytoys body jewelry was established in 2004. Melissa Tyler, a gemologist who studied in the US and the UK designed and patented these innovative navel rings.

Dangling Navel Rings - amazing dangles

Navel piercing is the most popular type of body piercing today. A great amount of jewelry stores are always ready to offer you all imaginable kinds of piercing jewelry and our on-line store is not an exception. We display various kinds of body jewelry made of high quality gold, sterling silver and decorated with precious and semi-precious stones, diamonds and CZ.

Belly Rings with Skull and Bones

Belly piercing has become popular many years ago and nowadays it's just a norm to have the pierced navel. And therefore it's not enough to be pierced - we should surprise and attract by cheap belly rings. High quality belly rings made of white and yellow gold. If you are fond of adventures, the spirit of mystics and danger attracts you- skull and bones belly button rings are what you need. Wearing a skull and bone navel ring you'll bring with you the atmosphere of pirates' life, feel the breath of ocean and become risky yourself!

TummyToy sleeper rings - new trends in belly button jewelry

High quality body jewelry including all kinds of gold and silver chains, armlets, watches, rings, charms and Dangling sterling silver TummyToy sleeper rings and cheap CZ TummyToy belly rings at low prices. In this collection of tummy toy belly button rings you'll find gorgeous sterling silver blue, rose or cherry quartz crystal belly rings, chic violet CZ lavender quartz

Bottom belly piercing

  1. What is bottom navel piercing?
  2. How long will my bottom belly piercing heal and what about its aftercare?
  3. What are the risks of bottom belly piercing?
  4. Which jewelry can I wear in my navel bottom piercing?

If you are searching for the answers on the mentioned above questions, keep on reading.

Belly rings

Except searching for professional piercer, choosing the type of your navel piercing, keeping the piercing area clean before and after the procedure, there is one more extremely important thing you should remember about- it is the choice of a belly ring. A piece of jewelry you'll wear in your magnificent belly should compliment your personality and your tone of skin. Wearing the navel ring perfectly showing your individuality and putting accent on your style, you'll get many turned heads.

Pregnancy and Belly Button Piercing

Women who wear belly button rings get used to it very soon and the idea that there is no lovely ring in the belly may bring much discomfort and stress. In principle, there are no reasons for it if piercing is well-healed and woman feels comfortable wearing belly button jewelry. But there is such a period in the life of almost ay woman when she needs to think more about her health and the health of her child than about her appearance. Many women ask: What should I do with my belly ring during pregnancy? And most of them don't really want to take it out.

Diamond Piercing Jewelry

Body piercing jewelry is available in all imaginable and unimaginable designs, shapes, colours and materials nowadays. Most people take body jewelry as something flirty and funny in most cases or striking and aggressive in others- vibrating tongue rings, black captive bead rings, koosh ball barbells, etc. But lately more and more designers have been creating elegant and lovely designs of piercing jewelry mostly for women, though men are also not deprived. And what can be more attractive, elegant, chic and eye-catching than diamond?

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