before belly piercing

Body Piercing Procedure for Newcomers

Body piercing is personal experience and unique way of self-expression. Most people with piercing say that this pain is even pleasant in some way you piercing is indescribable procedure and the experience vary depending on the mood, the state of mind, the body part, the piercer and other factors.

Getting belly pierced

If you are going to pierce your belly or your younger sister or daughter is, you'll find here some info about belly button piercing and the reasons say YES to this type of piercing.

YES 1: First of all, belly piercing is the most popular and lovely type of body piercing. The statistics says that 95% of belly button piercing procedure done in professional salon is successful and heals very quickly without any rejection and other problems.

Bottom belly piercing

  1. What is bottom navel piercing?
  2. How long will my bottom belly piercing heal and what about its aftercare?
  3. What are the risks of bottom belly piercing?
  4. Which jewelry can I wear in my navel bottom piercing?

If you are searching for the answers on the mentioned above questions, keep on reading.

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